To provide services designed to enhance the ability of persons with disabilities to live more independently.

SPOKES Unlimited is a private, not for profit, community-based Center for Independent Living, established in 1988. The name SPOKES comes from the belief that peer support and the sharing of information will eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel. The majority of our boards of directors, as well as staff members, have disabilities. This enables us to have insight into the ever-changing needs of individuals with all types of disabilities and to develop programs that respond to those needs.

Initially founded as a support group for persons with disabilities, their family and friends, SPOKES Unlimited grew into a full-fledged Center for Independent Living with the help of community partners and state funded grants. Currently SPOKES Unlimited has offices both in Klamath Falls and Lakeview to assist with most issues faced by persons with disabilities.

Independent living is the ability to make decisions about and participate in life, work, and play in the same ways as people without disabilities.